“I have in life strived to string together diverse and asynchronous dots into a story. Of all the Maxims that are close to my heart, Thomas A. Edison’s famous quote ‘Most of my ideas belong to people who didn’t bother to develop them,’ is perhaps something I identify myself closest with….”

I Did it My Way was not a rags to riches story, but a fascinating insight into the life and times of Bikram Dasgupta – the man who didn’t shy away from thinking big, and for whom progress meant creating his own road and establishing his own milestones. Baneer Beena by Sukamal Dasgupta: A collection of Bengali devotional poems written by late Sukamal Dasgupta later in his life. This The ‘Story of a middle-class boy whose impatience Led To His Success’ was published by Rupa Publications India, 2018 and is a treasure trove of real life experiences of an entrepreneur, whose journey never ends.

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Bikram Dasgupta not just scripted his own words in his Memoir, but took the effort of preserving his father Sukamal Dasgupta’s exceptional spiritual writings and also limericks and rhymes for children. Thus, came up two more books from BDG Foundation --- Baneer Beena and Biliti Chhara by Sukamal Dasgupta. They were written by his poet and author father in the 1950s, but their relevance in today’s disturbing world is immense.

Baneer Beena has a collection of Kabyageeti, that will raise you to the heights of spiritual awareness and give you inner peace. Some of these songs have also been put to tune and can be heard in Youtube.

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While his other book Biliti Chhara is a collection of Children’s English Poems translated in Bengali keeping the original flavour intact by Sukamal Dasgupta. The book has been redesigned in a colourful and attractive format and relaunched by BDG Foundation at the Kolkata International Book Fair in 2020 and gained huge popularity among the children of today

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    The Story Of A Middle Class Boy Whose Impatience Led To His Success

    Rupa Publications India, 2018

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