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Bikram Dasgupta believes that technology plays and will continue to play a disruptive role in how we interact with the world, produce products or services, transact and drive efficiencies. Hence, he invests both actively and passively during various phases of a startup’s lifecycle, those that are innovative, technology driven, product or service oriented and are looking for investors.

As a respected member of the prestigious Indian Angel Network, in the Investor Fund space, BDG invests in enterprises, which has an entrepreneur, who drives the Business, but is looking for investments and strategic inputs to grow. BDG participates at the strategic level, invests if he is convinced of the business and works with the entrepreneur from the background. Through IAN, he has already invested in over 20 companies, mostly Tech Startups and has a Team to evaluate the companies and reinvests.

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BDG Foundation’s Investment Policy and Value System stems from Bikram Dasgupta’s deep rooted passion for technology driven innovations. If you are a Startup with an innovative, technology driven, product or service related company and are looking for investors to help take your innovation to the next level,

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