The emergence of Indian Information Technology industry saw the birth of a generation of first-time entrepreneurs – entrepreneurs with no lineage history of business enterprise.

Mr. Dasgupta’s was one of them. This generation was marked by their ambition and determination to change the order of things. They innovated, tried out new ways and they brought in new rules into the game. They lived by their instincts.Mr. Dasgupta’s entrepreneurial journey is a story of this change. A story furnished by its quintessential highs and lows, of dreams, of daring to think different and a constant appetite for risk taking.

With the Indian Software Services sector growing at a rapid pace, speeded along by the global acceptance of Indian software engineering prowess,

Bikram realized that if the industry were to grow while at the same instance climb up the services value chain it would need to equip large masses of youth, not only in the latest technologies, but also in management and core application skills. In brief, the coming together of Technology and Management skills into a singular whole – a vision that was in many ways’ years ahead of its time.

He developed his pioneering Software Finishing School™ (SFS) concept. SFS was at its core a pedagogical innovation that stressed on Acquisition, Application, and Management that by design created Performance driven individuals. For the firsttime in the country, the Software Finishing School created a structure where high aptitude engineering graduates, from diverse disciplines, were exposed to the latest technologies coupled with relevant software engineering and management skills. The Software Finishing School thus helped create a strong pool of globally relevant application developers, helping the nation earn valuable foreign exchange.

The Software Finishing School System has today evolved into multiple technology programs training over 15,000 graduating engineering students, from 160 engineering colleges, spread across 21 states in India, every year, on the latest technical skills across Mobile, Web and Enterprise platforms.

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