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Tolerance of Ambiguity

June 24, 2020

Living in ambiguity, gives all of us an additional space to manouvre. It could be this or that,it could be, right or wrong, you could be thinking the matter is resolved, but I know it hasn't, purely interpretation based decisions to suit us can be taken,and interestingly enough,you can even say, at the end of it all, "Sorry,I didnt thnk of it THAT way....."

Our relationships,personal,professional,emotional,legal,political, be as it may, evolves around AMBIGUITY. It has a huge ability to be tolerant,what we call as "Tolerance Of Ambiguity"factor, or TOA,in work life,and survives for years,if you wish it to. Just look at the geopolitical scenario at our various borders.whether it is LOC or LAC, both are unresolved,for years,but life goes on as usual.Till we get into a situation,like what we have now,and suddenly both sides wake up and start discussing,your territory or my territory. Interesting !

Same thing happens in our professional and personal lives as well.We hate to resolve issues,because we might find them convenient not to.People who stick their neck out and say,"lets resolve" are termed as novices,immatured, emotional, inexperienced,what have you. If you look at our Corporate Legal System,you will find it to be similar.A lot of disputes arise because of interpretations of law, they live and resolve,by interpreting law. In our personal emotional lives as well,relationships when it ends,or, gets sour, it becomes hugely interpretation based,and remain at the domain of ambiguity, with both sides feeling the same way of being right or wrong.

This will perhaps remain.We will need to accept it,as a way of life.We need to be alert,or,savvy, as the case maybe,to deal with our personal,professional or Institutional issues,where there is ambiguity, and we are required to demonstrate our Tolerance Of Ambiguity or the TOA factor.

Think about it.

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