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The World is wide OPEN......

August 06, 2020

In our life so far,we are governed by certain norms and governance rules which is prevalent in society, and our parents/guardians direct us,as they have seen thru their earlier generations and so on.We do claim however in recent times,that we are very open,liberal,free with our family, kids, friends, etc. But somehow the rules of society still governs in every household,with certain amount of relaxation,freedom,which we call ourselves as being "liberal'. But we still follow the same growing up norms ,like, School,College,University,Job,Marriage,Family,kids,etc.cycle, through our lives, and there is some unwritten time frames of when you do what,mostly, your school,college,job entry,marriage etc. The calendar also gets fixed for travel.For holidays. Even for shopping.Going to work,what have you.

But today ? Everything is genuinely & literally open,and is beyond anyone's control.So much so,that even shaking hands with a friend,whom you meet after a while is not a "done"thing.We do not know timings for anything.We donot know when colleges will open,whether going to work is safe enough,Malls ?Cinema halls are a non starter,etc.

So, one invisible demon,has made 7 billion people in this unverse,get up and take note in this modern high technology world of ours. If you have tonnes of money, or, if you dont, its the same.No discrimination.

Mental diseases are rising.People are becoming reactive at home,with too much of nothing,we are perhaps losing our balance at times.So, each one of us,are trying to cool ourselves down,so that we can be sane,and live with ourselves,as much.Have faith and belief in our own skills,and happiness and live there as much.Maybe,then we might find some solace.

Too much of Open ness is impossible to manage.Many of us,has realised that,within us. Maybe this will help build a new form of sanity within us.

I am sure many of us are working internally on those.Let's see.

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