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Managing Mind and Body

May 23, 2020

Our body and mind constitution is really very very interesting.The construct itself is very intriguiging.Body and Mind are apprarently two independent elements in our construct,yet again ,they are nowhere independent. The mind from the CNS controls the body and its actions.Drives the body to do things,which it wishes body to do.Yet body is psychologically made to feel that its independent. Most of our life,we spend too much of our time,on how do we look,our dresses,our hairstyles,our shoes, and all the physical things which people see and admire.For many it becomes a profession to earn thru various body manoeuvres and performing arts.But even in those, the CNS plays a major role.If you start studying this subject,you will see,that body helps you to perform robotic manoeuvres,through your CNS.That is why, when you get older,exercises,morning/evening walks,physiotherapy becomes very important,to keep the blood circulation going,which acts us the lubricant to the way body functions.In all these,there is Brain(Head) and Heart. They are unique.Very vital for our living mechanisms,and distinctly different from other elements of our body and their roles. Head is the Chief Operating Officer(COO),and the Heart is the Chief Technology Officer(CTO) . CTO also looks after all your creative instincts,all your thinking/innovations, and your COO,is the Implementation Head. He simply Implements all decisions of the decision maker,which is YOU,controlling both the Head and Heart.

As you grow older,try and decipher these elements inside you.You will see the futility to be governed by some foolish,idiotic norms,created by our Society,which unnecessarily,without any rhyme or reason,tries to control you,thereby your instructions to your COO and CTO,gets viciated by not what you believe, but by what you "think" others believe about you.How ridiculous it can get.

The best is to compartmentalise your life into 3 Segments. Like Segment 1: Your growing up. Segment 2:Fulfilment of Societal Responsibilities,like :Education,Job,Career,Marriage,Parenthood,Family duties and Responsibilities,etc. Segment 3 :Self actualisation and Spirituality. If you see these three segments,it comprises our life's entire journey.If we do justice and mostly listen to societal norms,in Segment 1 and 2,then Segment 3 belongs to you totally.You see everyone and everything else thru your glasses. Once you think about it,life becomes clearer by the day. In Segment3,you can simply keep the Mind and the Body separately, and observe their behaviour.You will see most of things I have said, IS TRUE.

Which segment of life are you in ? If you want to discuss this further,write to me,at, and we will take it from there.

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