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Have faith in your convictions !

June 18, 2020

Recently an incident has provoked strong reactions,comments,views, allegations,etc.It happenned on the 14th June'20,a very sad incident at the residence of a rising,pleasing,extremely talented and intelligent actor with multiple interests,who took the unfortunate decision to take his life,as per latest reports. There is no denying,that this is truly a very shocking incident. I remember his acting from a soft family TV Serial,where I thought,he was pretty impressive.

Now, let us come to the issue.Friends,I have been an entrepreneur, self made, first generation,boot strapped in the technology space for over 30+ years now,and I feel that this phenomena is prevalent in every sphere of our lives. If you are a startup,fledgeling,and trying to make a mark for yourself,with your innovative products and services,wherein you are serving the society and bridging the gap,thru,your innovations,you will face huge issues. We quickly say it as a Financial issues,Cash flow issue,etc.,but we know deep down,survival of an entrepreneur,like us,if they dont come from Family business background,and competiting with the most resourceful people,will have basic survival issue to prove,compete and grow, as ,if he is good(more so),there will be attempts to crush him quickly by the power that be,as they feel threatened by the existence of this "new" power.Its a typical, David vs.Goliath story.It happens,very regularly in the Industry. So, the startup entrepreneur,has very few things up his armoury,and the main,main, thing is his own Conviction, about his products and services,and is willing to bite the dust till it succeeds.Very tough but possible.

It has happenned to me hugely.Some of them are pretty bad,and you keep looking up at God,and ask him,"Why me ?".There are days,when you sleep in the night,with your issues,almost never to get up again. But again,there is another day. This journey is ardous.Which is why entrepreneurs get into Social work quicker than others.That is why Meditation,is such a key tool for all of us.As we would like to go away for a while,to find solace within ourselves.While all these happens,you are also continuously driven by your innovative ideas,your financial expansion and growth,as they are all part and parcel of your being. Your own conviction,trust and faith on your own ability, under such adverse emotional situations,goes thru severe tests.This happens to most of us.There are people who succumb as well.But entrepreneurs are taught crude realities of life,very fast.

I will share a compelling small story,from my bunch of 100s of them,with you all.Once,on of those earlier days of entrepreneurship in my life,I had visited a Private Bank in Mumbai for a business loan.The Banker asked me,what collateral I can provide against the loan, to the Bank. I told him, "we are friends from IIT,we have put together a strong Business Plan,with lots of riders,and are confident of our success.You will definitely get your money back." He smiled back at me,and with a wry smile said "Don't show me your IIT background, Sir, those degrees are available for hundred bucks,outside my office." I put my head down,and told myself, "Hold on Bikram,there will be a day in your life,when you will have occasion to respond to such things.Just keep quiet now." These are stories of 25+ years back.Still goes thru my spine. So, its a tough life.We need to be aware of this. I strongly feel,there should be very serious Training Sessions taken by people like us,to the startups,mainly on these kind of areas and subjects,and not on our successes only.Youngsters,with high aspirations,need to be aware of this,as they travel in their journey.I would believe most of the successful entrepreneurs have gone thru such days in their life.The story I told you,is a very mild one,as this is not the forum for real aggressive ones.But you may visualise.

You need to keep going back to your convictions on what you are doing and keep testing yourself.A Guru does help.Solitude helps you more. This is a spiritual journey, which you need to deal with as you look up in the sky, and say "I will do it". My search for Buddha and Bhutan,started from this,and the discoveries therein,will tell you another new kind of journey for me. Hopefully,I get to share those some day.God willing !

Keep smiling !

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